Slow Sense, a film by Joris Geurts, camera and editing by Joschua Hohenbrink, concerns an ancient ritual, translated to film. It is based on a contemporary score ‘Slow Sense”, composed for 26 bullroarers by Joris Geurts.

A bullroarer is one of the oldest ritual musical instruments known to mankind and represents the voices of ancestors. A deep, inimitable growling and threatening sound is produced by oscillating a fish-shaped piece of wood attached to the end of a piece of rope. It was used in ritual gatherings from North America to Oceania and Australia to contact ancestors or to communicate and sound the alarm over large distances.

The film depicts man trying to contact others, the past, the future, the elements and nature. Dreamlike, almost surreal images follow each other in a slow musical cadence. By the expansive and relatively slow pace of the image, time becomes a subjective experience. The film states a case for the rediscovery of time and space. The threatening soundtrack gives the film extra depth and dimension.

Premiere ‘Slow Sense’ Joris Geurts & Joschua Hohenbrink, camera and editing, Steendrukkerij Amsterdam, Saturday March 20, 2010, 4 to 6 p.m.

A mythical tale in a timeless world.